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Wednesday Workshops

Open to All

We are happy to open our workshops to our students as well as to those not enrolled in our school in order to share the beauty that is the Montessori Method! Wednesday workshops are the continuity of our school: promoting children’s natural curiosity through interaction_ in a caring atmosphere.

Two 3-hour Workshops for the Well-Being of the Child

1 hour of Montessori activities

1 hour of cultural practice (geography, discovery of music composers, botany…)

1 hour of group activity (games, cooking, art, etc.)


These 3 activities will be organized around a new theme each week (countries, celebrations, seasons, etc.)

Bilingual Wednesdays

  • The workshops will be held every Wednesday, except during school holidays

  • Workshops in French from 9 AM to 12 PM

  • Workshops in English from 1 PM to 4 PM

  • Children from 2 ½ years old and older are welcome


Half Day

(6 hours)

per year

980 €

for currently enrolled students

(instead of 1152 €)

1224 €

for students attending another school 

(instead of 1440 €)

Full Day

(6 hours)

per year

1836 €

for currently enrolled students

(instead of 2160 €)

2142 €

for students attending another school 

(instead of 2520 €)

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