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What Makes Our School Unique

As we take inspiration from both Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian school systems, we wish to put an emphasis on two specific domains we deem fundamental: the arts, and compassion and empathy.


Montessori Bilingue Paris 17’s « little extras » are:

Ecole Montessori Bilingue Paris17

The Importance of a Strong Arts Education

Developing creativity and imagination through practicing art, dancing, singing, acting will allow the children to explore their spiritual and physical potentials, alongside the intellectual. Artistic expression will foster self-confidence and the mastering of emotions.

Teaching Empathy

In Denmark, ranked among the happiest countries in the world year after year, empathy has been taught in schools for 25 years… Isn’t that what is most important? Isn’t it what we all dream of for our children? That they be community-minded individuals, comfortable with themselves and __others, to allow them to fully become the person of their choice and do great things?

Ecole Montessori Bilingue Paris17

Each day at the Montessori Bilingue Paris 17 begins by welcoming the children with _ joyful music, then regrouping together to playfully reflect on what it means to be happy, what they can be grateful for, how they can help a classmate who’s feeling sad or angry, what are their and their classmates’ qualities, what are the positive feelings that they have about themselves or the world, etc…

Time will be made also for meditation which will allow the children to become mindful of their inner personal resources and the extraordinary strength lying within each one of their cells.

Our goal is to ensure that each child is recognized as a specific and absolutely unique being in an environment that is safe.

-That he/she feels seen, listened to, respected and praised.

-That they find embracing arms when they need comforting.

-That they desire to learn and discover, at their own pace.

-That they develop fraternal and cooperative bonds with their classmates.

-That they take in knowledge through amusement and laughter.

In a nutshell, that they be HAPPY!

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