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Our Philosophy

We pay the utmost attention to the role of our educators, who hold Montessori diplomas. They commit to developing the children’s need and desire to learn, in a calm environment, providing meaning and nuance, and improving themselves a bit more each day. The children are the future of our world. We must teach them not to cave into barbarity, fear, and mediocrity, because achieving peace is not a utopic goal. It can be reached with our everyday actions and intentions. As adults, and moreover as educators, we must be models and guides towards goodness and appeasement.

Ecole Montessori Bilingue Paris17

All efforts are made for the child to feel respected and loved unconditionally for what he/she is. This environment will foster astounding progress, and will lead the child to view academic success no longer as jobs in which they must in, but as a natural result of his/her own development.

Beyond pure academic concerns, the mission of our school is to educate happy, responsible, and curious children who are eager to learn and understand, be open to others, tolerant and adaptable, and who will become strong, fulfilled individuals ready to build the new world!

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