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Tuition Fees


3-6 years old

910 €/month

12 Monthly Installments 

10 920 € Annual

One-Time Payment



Elementary school

6-9 years old

980 €/month

12 Monthly Installments 

11 760 € Annual

One-Time Payment

Application Fee*

(1st Year Only)

900 €

*the application fee guarantees your child’s place at our school and covers administrative costs.




Administrative Costs in Subsequent Years: 250€/year


Lunch box

home-cooked meal to be brought in each morning by the parents (cold or warm in a thermos)

Afterschool Childcare

4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

7 €/hour

(or 14 €/day)

Note: 50% of the childcare costs are tax-deductible or can be paid by CAF (more information below)

  • For school tuition fees covered by your company education allowance, please contact us.


  • Tuition fees are to be paid over the course of the year in 1, 4 or 12 installments. All tuition fee payments must be received by bank transfer.

  • During enrollment, payment of the application fees is due, as well as __ the current month or upcoming month’s fees and the administrative costs, by check or bank transfer. This is nonrefundable.

  • Reduced Rates: -10% for the 2nd child and -15% for the 3rd child

Note: Tuition fees include all supplies and educational field trips (as well as sports, music, and art classes…)


  • Scholarships are available for families that require financial assistance. An application is required in order to determine whether a bursary is to be awarded. All information will be treated as confidential.


  • This expense is deductible up to 50% for children under the age of 6

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